Wafer Flowers Class

Wafer Flower Class

Delicious cakes on the holiday table create a great mood when sparkling with color and elegantly decorated.To achieve this effect,in addition to the usual icing roses and fondant figures, you can use wafer flowers. They are very simple but make a dessert look amazing! What are wafer flowers? They are beautiful edible decorations crafted from fine, neutral-tasting wafer paper, which consists of starch, vegetable oils, and water. Flowers can be made in various shapes and sizes and painted with food dyes.

Wafer flowers have become my newest love in flower-making! They are very beautiful, realistic, lightweight, and simple to manufacture. I enjoy creating wafer flowers much more than creating fondant ones. The process is faster, less noticeable, and more exciting. I am also incredibly pleased that it requires no complicated or expensive tools. Of course, you need the wafer paper, and if you make the flowers on a wire, you will also need wire, tape, and dyes. Yet, to make a simple ranunculus—buds and a full open flower—which can effectively decorate a cake, you need nothing but a couple of wafer paper sheets, a foam ball, a brush, scissors, some water, and a bit of time.