Flower course

Flower course C1 (Main program)

Get positive for yourself!

This course provides all that is necessary to complete ten different projects. Most of the work is completed in the classroom. In this course, I will teach you to sculpt not only flowers but also some simple figures (a bear, an angel, and Santa Claus). I will also demonstrate and share the secrets of floristry. When you finish the course, you will take home all ten completed projects. Having learned and practiced the techniques, you will then be able to create projects of your own. This course gives you the opportunity to practice the techniques of working with soft clay. Moreover, the projects you take home will remind you of your enjoyable time in class.

Completing C1 requires completing approximately eight to ten four-hour classes. It could be less or more, depending on your learning speed and skill level.

Flower course C2 (Basic program)

Become a professional!

This training course aims to prepare students to become professional modelers or perhaps instructors.Students may have the goal of developing a sculpting business. In this course, you will apply the techniques gained in C1 but will learn greater detail to improve the quality of your modeling. The course includes completing ten large projects, including several wedding bouquets and gift compositions.In these classes, you will learn the basics of modeling and assembling compositions in different styles, and you will do all the preparatory work for creating flowers at home. Completing the C2 projects requires ten to twelve four-hour lessons. The final two projects of the course are completed independently at home. After completing this course, you can apply for an Instructor Certificate from the Deco Clay Craft Academyand take the exam.

To enroll in C2, you must have a certificate of completion for C1.

Flower course C3

For the professionals!

This course is for students who have become instructors. During the course, we not only use all the skills learned in lower-level classes but also study complex techniques that we apply to the design of new flowers. Most importantly, we focus on working with paints.

Like previous courses, this course consists of ten lessons. However, some lessons include the creation of two large and complex projects. Therefore, at the end of the training, you will likely have more than ten truly professional works. In addition, the course offers the incredible and amusing bonus of several new lessons: weaving a basket of vines, decorating a wedding cake, and adorning Easter eggs with embroidery and pears with human faces!The program includes creating seasonal projects such as a V-shaped Christmas wreath, learning alternate forms and assembly methods for wedding bouquets, and designing small trees such as bonsai, wall panels, water lilies, magnolias, roses of different varieties (e.g., rosehips, Austin roses), and full-size dahlias and peonies.

Completing all tasks takes fourteen to eighteen four-hour lessons. As with earlier courses, duration depends on a student’s skill level and speed.

Flower course C4

Course description coming soon