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We offer of different levels of creations are perfect for any age categories and skills level.

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Flower Course

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Facts and Questions about Classes

How long are classes? 

How much do classes cost? 

How do classes work in general?

Discovery Class:

Frame with flowers: $50/person. Students learn to make gardenias, leaves, berries, and roses. 

A box of flowers: $60/person. Students learn to make hibiscuses, plumerias, gardenias, buds, and leaves.

Teacup: $80/person. Students learn to make gardenias, gardenia buds, berries, and sweets.

Picture basket with flowers: $100/person. Students learn to make roses, gardenias, hydrangeas, leaves, and baskets. 

Class durations vary from two to four or more hours, depending on individual needs. 

The Deco Clay CraftAcademy offers a basic flower training program and other programs, such as Flower Course C1. To become a member, you must register at the academy, which requires a one-time $50 fee. As an instructor, I make $25 per hour of training.

What does this fee get you?

You became a full member of the academy! Congratulations! Also, you get a 10% discount on clay!