Personal Style Gift

COURSE Personal Style Gift PSG 1

Be unforgettable!

This course is for those who love the extraordinary and do not like homework. It is also for those who like to surprise their friends with their artwork, as it yields unique, modern, and stylish gifts for any occasion. In this course, we sculpt cake decorations and amazing gifts for New Year’s and other holidays, the birth of a child, and weddings. We create models of donuts, cakes, and muffins. We learn how to package gifts and how to decorate themwith soft clay products. Those who like to create postcards in a scrapbooking style will marvel at how easy it is to make a postcard with the help of our clay. Like the other courses, this course consists of ten lessons that result in the creation of ten projects. This course does not require any previous training or artistic abilities. Finishing it requires five to eight four-hour classes, depending on the individual needs and skills of a student.

COURSE Personal Style Gift PSG 2

Become notable!

In this course, the student will explore gift design more deeply than in the previous PSG1 course. Activities include icing cookies and designing muffins, mini fruit tarts, pies, mousses, and gingerbread houses. Everything is made from soft clay (which I call “marshmallow clay”). We will also create several adornments: three kinds of brooches, a miniature house, a female face, flowers (rose, orchid), earrings, hair accessories, a flower crown, and a ring pillow—favorite spring, autumn, and winter gifts. Moreover, this course includes projects that yield a gift box and a baby gift.

Before starting this course, you must have finished PSG1 and become certified. This is mandatory.

If you want to become an instructor, you must pass an exam. Using the skills you’ve learned, you will create your own dummy cake. I will then send a photograph of your creation to the academy.